Considerations when searching for custom medals in Malaysia

Customized medals

Customize your medals; make sure your medal is yours only. If you are going for customized medals, pass your design ideas to your supplier, let them know the size and functionality and whether it is a turn type or magnetic type so that they can help you best. You may have all sorts of ideas for your medal. Just discuss it with your medal supplier, explain to them the goal or the function of your medal and get going. Some medals will have a three piece attach type, five or even ten. It’s often better to go for customized medals if you want to go for special and premium and you have the quantity. The cost of the mold for medals can range from RM800 to up to many thousands. Make sure you get a sample before mass production.

Thickness of medals

The price of medals varies by weight and thickness. When you are looking for more affordable medals, go for thinner medals. If you are going for premium, go for the thicker medals. If you are going for primary school or kindergarten medals and you want to go for a very affordable type, it is best to go for thin types. However if the quantity you need is low, it is better to go for a supplier you trust and buy off the shelf medals.


When you are going to produce a customized medal, your artwork is very important. Make sure your supplier understands exactly what kind of medal you want before signing off on any contract. Make sure your artwork resembles the medal you need with its specific size and measurements.


Make sure your supplier can deliver on time. Especially when it comes to fully customized medals. Make sure your supplier is a local one if time is a factor. Else the process of sending and judging prototypes will take too long.