Custom Trophy Suppliers in Malaysia

Your annual dinner function is around the corner. You are looking for quality customized  trophies at a tight deadline with premium service. How to select  a trophy supplier to that gives you peace of mind?

Below are a few attention points to let you distinguish between a great trophy suppliers and the so-so ones.


For every customized trophy,  a mold has to be made. Make sure your supplier gives you a 3D computerized picture of your trophy before proceeding. The mold of your customized trophy is expensive and may cost from RM800 up till RM2,000 depending on the complexity of the trophy. Get a proper quotation from your supplier before confirming your order.


A good supplier will help you out  if you have no time to spend on designing or your deadline is around the corner. The supplier can design the trophy for you. Work closely with your supplier, make sure you explain every single detail of the trophy you need including the size, height, width and even thickness. Sometimes, you may also give them a photo as a reference and make sure they get you a trophy preview that matches your picture.


After confirming all your details, price and 3D picture of your trophy, you would want to inspect your sample. Make sure your sample trophy is as per your requirements and your liking before proceeding to mass production.


If your deadline is close, try to focus on timely deliverability and quality of your trophy. If your deadline is still a long way to go, you should always compare trophy prices. However, do not compromise on service and responsiveness of your supplier. A slow response might affect the timeline of your trophy production and thereby the success to your event.

Sapiens Trophy Malaysia Custom Trophy Process

Each customized trophy is unique. We will first work on your trophy design and discuss with our elite team of designers, production masters and store keepers. We will sit together, discuss and come up with a final trophy design and solution for our clients on a case to case basis. Once our client agrees on the trophy designs, we will get our trophy mold up. We used to be able to finish the first trophy sample within two days, but now it’s within a week or two, due to our increase in clientele and repeat customers.
After the trophy sample is out, we will send the product to our client for inspection or for rush cases, we will snap a picture of all sides for our customers to comment and inspect. If our customer is happy with the trophy sample, we will proceed to mass production. Each trophy is carefully checked and screened by our Quality Assurance team for defects or perfection. Once all units are inspected and approved , our packing team will pack them up and prepare for fast shipment.